Campfire Culture I

Montana Executive Training Expedition



This is executive training as it should be...

The instant you step out of the private transportation, breath in the mountain air, and turn off your cell phone for the duration of the trip, you will literally feel the difference. Body, mind, and spirit. This trip is going to be different. While the rest of the expedition needs to be experienced, not explained, what we can tell you is that we WILL regain some of that wildness, risk, and even a bit of danger that our culture of comfort tries to constantly breed out of us. Time to come alive, because what the world needs are leaders leading a life on fire!


DAY // 1

Step off the plane and let the mountain air greet you. We will meet you at the airport in Montana and transfer you to our hotel for the night. The intentionality and focus of this weekend starts as we turn off our links back home. We will then go through orientation of the backcountry campfire culture you're about to embark on, and break bread around the last hearty meal you’ll have for a couple of days.

DAY // 2

We start early with a last good cup of coffee, make sure we have everything we need for the next couple of days, and hit the trail. Your leadership training and challenge begins now, and everything you take in around you is involved. Be
intentional and ready for anything!
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY // 3

Today we should be at the lake and ready to do the hardest part of the training. You might be surprised what this means, but at least you’ll be surrounded by beauty and wildness that stirs the soul like no ROI, or percentage quarter growth can match. (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

DAY // 4

Having conquered a couple nights out in the backcountry, and fully immersed ourselves in the training only a wilderness setting can provide, it is time to head back for much desired shower, bed, and probably the best meal you have eaten in a while! This is also going to be the optimal time to debrief, solidify what we have discovered, and enjoy one last night of ‘Big Sky Country’. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY // 5

This morning we will take in one last hearty meal together and say our goodbyes (for now) to Campfire Culture Experience. Of course, your transportation to the airport and home will be provided; so just sit back, relax, and ingrain the principles to implement when we get home. (Breakfast)

DAY // 6?

Our Campfire Culture should not and cannot end in Montana. Now comes the really difficult task of making this a lifestyle: personally and professionally. However, we are here to help; whether
in helping develop follow up meetings with those alongside you during the expedition, continuation training materials, or setting up your next campfire culture expedition. Till we meet again, may the life you found only grow and flourish more each day!

What's Included What's Not Included
40/40 Adventures Guides Personal Travel Insurance – Compulsory
Campfire Culture Leadership Guide Tips & Gratuities for local guides. We pay ourGuides a great wage, but you are more thanwelcome to show them some love!
All Park Fees Alcohol & Soft Drinks
All Airfare, Transportation, and Accommodation Personal Expenses such as laundry, telephone, internet
Airport Transfers too and from expedition start/end Personal Equipment
Air BnB Accommodation first and last night- double occupancy Additional costs incurred with leaving the expedition early
6 week physical training program Any unforeseen increase in park fees
All food as itinerary states
Satellite Phone & Medical Kit
Literally just show up and challenge yourself!

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Executive Training Like No Other

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Trip Overview
Season Summer
Dates July 18-22 2019
Expedition Start Point Kallispell, Montana
Travel to and from Expedition Start Point Yes (This trip only)
Price $3000 USD (This trip only)
Expedition Area Flathead National Forest
Activities Trekking, Executive Training, Camping
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It was an experience that I will always remember. It was everything I had hoped for and so much more! Our 4040 guide Grant was so well prepared with everything we needed. He had let us know before we went what to bring, what he was providing, and what to expect. With 4040's guidance, knowledge, and experience we were able to enjoy every day to the fullest, I definitely want to go on another adventure in the near future with 4040 leading the way!

Bob Lowe

Men's Leadership Trip