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Campfire Culture I

Executive Leadership Training in the mountains of Montana: Where leaders can come alive again, build your business leadership culture best practices, and hone skills that develop the whole being. Find your soul, your passion again.

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Ghana Life Expedition

Your gateway to Africa! From landing in the bustling and vibrant capital of Accra through to small fishing villages and the expanse of Mole National Park, you will have the time of your life in Ghana.

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Kernow Slider

"Kernow bragji adventur"

- Cornwall Brewery Adventure, yep that says it all!

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Kilimanjaro: Savannah to Summit

Standing at Uhuru Peak looking out across the clouds you will understand what exactly draws adventurers from across the world to the snow-covered mountain of Kilimanjaro.

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Mt Harvard 5 day 14ner

Our lives are most remembered and revitalized by attempting and achieving epic milestones that challenge and expand our comfort zones. Summiting the 3rd Highest 14ner in CO, Mt. Harvard, will be such a milestone.

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Peru Shot2

Story and Grit I

10 days of action-packed adventure filmmaking and expedition skills in the High Andes and Amazon Basin in Peru. Discover new cultures, learn new techniques, and tell unique stories.

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