We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. As an expedition and adventure travel company we believe that fantastic and unique itineraries are just part of what is needed. We believe that credibility and experience are the backbone of who we are and why we do this. Our company is founded on these principles.

As a teenager, David Gill spent many days and weeks learning about the great outdoors in his native United Kingdom. As part of the Air Training Corps and through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme he was introduced to the lifestyle of packing his backpack, navigating and camping his way across some of the most remote and beautiful landscapes that Great Britain had to offer. This love of the outdoors led to a career leading expeditions and working within the humanitarian sector across the globe. The network David developed over the last twenty years was a vital part in establishing 40|40 Adventures.

40|40 Adventures was founded to inspire, invigorate, and build a community. We aim to give you, the 21st-century explorer, the opportunity to challenge yourself and become a catalyst that affects real change in the world. Join us on one of our many adventures, and find within yourself the person you've always desired to be.

Back in 2012, two extraordinary people found each other despite being on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Audri was in Fort Worth, Texas and David was in Somerset, United Kingdom. Algorithms and destiny brought them together - at first on a dating site, then later through social media.

During their online chats, David suggested they write down a list of thirty things that they wanted to do over the next few years. Audri did him one better and suggested they dream of forty things to do before they turned forty years old. Their lists were crafted to excite, encourage and inspire one another. From smaller adventures to big expeditions, they wanted to push their comfort zones, expand their cultural knowledge, and learn new skills. Over the last few years, they've checked off a number of their forty adventures. When they're not adding new ones, that is.

By utilizing our extensive knowledge accumulated over the last twenty years, 40|40 Adventures will support you in creating and achieving your goals by providing bespoke experiences. We want you to explore the world, discover new cultures, stretch your boundaries, and build a community. We're inspired by our own journeys of discovery and our passion for exploring remote regions of the world - won't you come explore with us?

40/40 Adventures Team



From an early age, David was encouraged to seek out adventures and take on challenges. Throughout his schooling he participated in expeditions and leadership programs. This led him to pursue a career that has seen him work for Outward Bound Wales, lead expeditions across South America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In the mid 2000s, David worked for The HALO Trust, the world's leading landmine clearance organization. Deploying operationally in Abkhazia, Artsakh and Mozambique. Further deployments took him to Afghanistan and Angola. This experience, sense of adventure and devotion to remote lands and cultures inspires him to share 40|40 Adventures with others. David is a qualified Mountain Leader, Day Skipper and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2010.

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Grant joined 40|40 Adventures in 2018 as our Chief Operations Officer. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, he founded a non-profit Organization (Veritas Life Adventures) specializing in outdoor education, holistic lifestyle change, and personal development. His work in outdoor education has seen him gain valuable experience leading trips within the United States and across continents. Grant’s attention to detail and passion for adventure makes him a serious asset to 4040 Adventures. Pictured with him is Jashley, his wife of 10+ years and the photographer for many of the stunning photos shown throughout the website and social media. See more of her work here: JM Photography, Instagram, and Facebook.



Richard has an extensive background in remote area emergency responses. Over the last fifteen years, he has planned and executed medical and emergency extractions from some of the world’s hottest of hotspots. Contending with civil unrest, military action, and natural disasters across the globe, Richard has worked with some of the most respected companies, NGOs and governments as their go-to rescue contact. With a Rolodex of contacts in a wide range of industries and sectors, Richard is a trusted advisor to 40|40 Adventures and a boon to our expeditions.



'Sami' joined 4040 in late 2018 with experience in traveling solo through Europe and exploring the hostel system in several other countries. She brings a high level of travel enthusiasm and is passionate about different countries and cultures. Besides being a trip leader and intern, Sami manages 4040's social media, student marketing, and trip planning. She has a Wilderness First Aid Certification and is working towards a degree in Cultural Anthropology.

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Nana is a Ghanaian native. He's a highly driven individual and a logistical problem solver with eight years of experience leading tours and student group expeditions in Ghana and across West Africa. He has lived in many parts of Ghana among different ethnic groups, studying their customs and culture. He fully understands the norms and regulations of the Ghanaian culture and life. He is creative and loves singing and playing guitar. He's also passionate about cycling and is an up-and-coming long-distance cyclist.

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