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Kilimanjaro: Savannah to Summit

Standing at Uhuru Peak looking out across the clouds you will understand what exactly draws adventurers from across the world to the snow-covered mountain of Kilimanjaro.

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It was an experience that I will always remember. It was everything I had hoped for and so much more! Our 4040 guide Grant was so well prepared with everything we needed. He had let us know before we went what to bring, what he was providing, and what to expect. With 4040's guidance, knowledge, and experience we were able to enjoy every day to the fullest, I definitely want to go on another adventure in the near future with 4040 leading the way!

Bob Lowe

Mt. Harvard and Buena Vista, Colorado

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Trail Alone

Far not Fast

Nothing is better than getting to your destination, in life or specific activity, as fast as possible. Right? Especially when you turn around and it is just you and the finished trail behind, echoing in long silence. Alone. Or....

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Sickness while Overseas

So, in the spirit of sharing funny stories and hopefully keeping someone from ever feeling that bad again, here are some tips for when you get sick.

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Jet Lag

One of the most annoying side effects of overseas travel, and surprisingly one that can cause a lot of problems.

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